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WCS provides e-Business tools and services to help you conquer the web.

Through our Web Services division, WCS offers a complete package of web hosting and development services. We can assist you with all aspects of your internet presence. Whether it's establishing a corporate web presence, giving your customers and business partners secure access to your corporate data via the World Wide Web, or full-blown internet e-commerce, WCS has the tools and expertise to make it happen.


eLinkCart ARWCS is a leader in supplying innovative B2B extranet applications that help your customers make the best use of your website. Your customers can view their purchase history, check the status of their open orders, track shipments of recent orders via real-time UPS, USPS and FedEx package tracking, email themselves invoices; even place business orders online via a browser. All of these features allow your web-savvy customers 24/7 access to the data they need, while at the same time, reducing the demand on your customer service department. Our Outside Sales Rep module allows your sales reps the same access to this data for all of their customers. If you sell to retailers, you can help your customers sell more of your products by providing end customers a means of finding a store that sells your products with our Store Locator module. Multiple levels of configurable security ensures that sensitive data doesn't get into the wrong hands.



eLinkCartOur B2C shopping cart solutions include an extremely powerful shopping cart and web site builder application that allows you to create, manage and effectively market your store on-line. Our cost-effective solution allows you to create a professional web presence without any programming knowledge, and assists you in getting your website listed in the major search engines & indexes. Our Google Sitemap generator, newsletters and products update e-mails help you get customers to your website. User-friendly storefront and checkout pages help turn visitors into buyers. Realtime payment gateways and shipping calculations ensure accurate and secure transactions.


Whether you need just a small amount of web space for a corporate presence site, or a dedicated server to host your e-Commerce application, we have a package to fit all needs. Our hosting plans include generous web space and traffic allowances, POP3 e-mail accounts, 24x7 ftp and ssh access to your website, password protected subdirectories, access to our secure servers, and a host of free cgi scripts. Optional features include automated mailing lists, web-based email tools, and complete e-Business applications, including credit card merchant accounts and robust shopping cart solutions.


Redhat Linux

Our servers are based on robust Microsoft Windows® and Linux server platforms. They are built as mission-critical systems with special attention to performance and reliability. We build most of our computer systems on location providing enhanced levels of control, flexibility and the ability to remotely anticipate and resolve problems before they affect your service.


Our servers connect to the Internet through multiple redundant connections provided by some of the largest backbone providers in the world ensuring data delivery to the end user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. We guarantee 99.9% uptime by utilizing redundant connections and data centers.

Our network utilizes Border Gate Protocol (BGP4). BGP4 protocol is the standard that allows for routing of packets of information sent out from our network, thus creating a truly redundant network by routing traffic over the most efficient route possible. Due to our redundant entirely switched Cisco powered network, data is automatically redirected through another route in the event of a router failure. Should one of our backbone providers fail, packets are automatically redirected through another one.

We installed top-of-the-line Cisco Systems backbone grade routers on the core layer and Layer 3 switching on the distribution layer providing superior segmentation and increased bandwidth across the backbone. Each server is connected to its own switched 100Mbps port reducing congestion. This configuration provides maximum uptime in the event one of our providers faces an outage. Bandwidth utilization is continuously monitored, allowing us to accommodate even the largest bandwidth surges.

It is a misconception that the amount of bandwidth (size of the pipes that carry the data) differentiate web hosting companies. But in reality it is not the size of the pipe that matters, it is the utilization levels that do matter. We have multiple redundant connections which allow us to guarantee customers a maximum of 60 per cent capacity utilization at peak times and an average of 40 per cent utilization across our network.

In addition to our multi-homed connections, our company performs 24/7 network monitoring through our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) located in the US. Our NOCs monitor the HTTP port, and conduct Ping tests every 5 minutes to determine if the servers are active. In the event that a port is unreachable, an email is sent to every member of our technical staff. Additionally, the NOCs provide our engineers with real-time status, notification and forecasting of network events. Our data centers are monitored 24/7 by highly qualified network engineers and administrators.

Data Centers
Our telco-grade data centers provide the physical environment and world-class infrastructure necessary to keep your servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our facilities offer the widest range of physical security features including state-of-the-art smoke detection, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) and fire suppression systems, and 24x7 secured access. Within these facilities, we are able to deliver the highest levels of reliability through redundant connections to multiple providers, fully redundant power on the premises and backup generators.

Plus, our data center is staffed 24/7/365 with highly trained personnel proficient in networking, internet security and system administration ensuring 99.9% uptime, exceptional levels of service, quality, security and network reliability.

Redundant Power Systems
Our data center receives over 1800 Kw of power through secure underground cables. Redundant instantaneous failover provides all equipment with uninterrupted power supply through battery backups. For extended outages, a pair of onsite 1250 Kw diesel generators provide backup power.