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Document Management Software


UnForm® from Synergetic Data Systems is a platform-independent software product that converts standard text reports into highly enhanced graphical documents for printing on laser printers or viewing with Adobe Acrobat. UnForm is used by thousands of companies to produce laser forms, electronic documents and reports, and to streamline their document workflow through smart forms and print process control.

UnForm has been successfully integrated with applications in dozens of programming languages, including BBx, C, Cobol, Informix, Open Basic, Oracle, Pick/Multi-value, Progress, ProvideX, Thoroughbred, and Uni-Basic.

UnForm Document Management Software

Most companies can easily justify the purchase of UnForm simply on the savings over pre-printed forms. Simply put, you never have to purchase a preprinted form again.

But laser forms are just the beginning of UnForm's capabilities. With UnForm, you can print, email, and fax graphical versions of your invoices and statements. With electronic delivery of documents, savings are even greater by eliminating manual form handling and postage.

In addition, you can add processing intelligence to save time and effort in many ways. You can add item costing to a copy of an invoice and route that copy to the Accounting Department. You can use the ship-to information from a packing list and produce a mailing label. You can produce PDF versions of your reports for viewing on your intranet. With UnForm's flexibility, you can accomplish virtually any task that can be driven from your printed data.

Cost Savings

Many form products produce documents that are static; simple overlays on top of reports. UnForm documents are dynamic. Attributes and enhancements can be driven by content and logic, rather than being in a fixed position on every page. This allows UnForm to enhance not just forms, but also legacy reports, such as financial statements and aging reports.

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