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Reliable Telnet/SSH Terminal Emulation
with Unicode support and
advanced printing capabilities


AnzioWin and Anzio Lite are part of the Anzio Family of terminal emulation products. Anzio Lite is an inexpensive version of the full-featured communications client, AnzioWin.

Both products support multiple terminal types, passthrough printing, color, file transfer, 80-column, 132-column and variable screen sizes, screen font and printer font support, and foreign languages.

Both can communicate over serial lines, modems (TAPI or direct), over telnet or SSH (Secure Shell) using PKI or password authentication.

AnzioWin Telnet/SSH Terminal Emulation Software

AnzioWin adds many advanced features to the already robust list of Anzio Lite features. To list just a few, they include:

  • SFTP (Secure Shell FTP)
  • Keyboard remapping
  • User-defined macros
  • Windows Script Engine support
  • Additional file transfer and data capture features
  • SSH PKI generation
  • Print Wizard for advanced passthrough printing, including forms overlays, barcode and graphics printing, auto-fit to page, faxing, emailing, PDF generation and more.

Key Features

AnzioWin supports the following terminal emulation types:

  • VT100, 220, 320, 420
  • ANSI
  • AT386
  • Linux (console)
  • Wyse 50, 60
  • TV965
  • Versyss C332
  • ADDS Viewpoint
  • ADDS 5200
  • NCR 7900
  • IBM 3161

Supported Emulation Types

For the current version of AnzioWin we recommend Windows 98 Second Edition or later, and it has been fully tested with Windows XP and Windows 2003.

If you have installed the complete and latest Internet Explorer updates on your Windows 95 and Windows 98 machine, AnzioWin should work fine.

Supported Platforms